Looking for agents

Website is complete.  Agent contracts are complete.  Social media is almost completely set up.  Time to recruit some agents. $125, 100% commission . contact me for more information

More work than I thought

This is way more work than I thought!  To have a vision and turn it into a plan is one thing.  Now actually carrying that plan out and putting it in action is a whole different process.  Everytime I think I have all the information on the website something else pops up.  Lets just call it a work in progress.

Website Up

I know its not the most appealing, but this website is for informational purposes only.  Hopefully it gives you the basic information.  We’re having an Investor workshop this Saturday (9/23/17)  morning at 10am, then a Rent to own workship at 3pm.  There is no cost to the public for either.