Lions Pride agents are licensed and thoroughly trained to assist investors in many of the aspects of their real estate transactions. Our agents witness a multitude of transactions and can be a valuable resource at times in sharing the experiences they have had with other successful real estate investors in an effort to provide support. Although keep in mind that real estate investing can be a high risk, high reward proposition that must be properly managed to prove successful.

There is no guarantee that purchasing a discounted investment property will provide positive results even if you follow the guidance of agents, mentors, other successful real estate investors, or Lions Pride. We provide properties that you can purchase on-the-spot at a reasonably discounted price without having to spend countless hours viewing, making offers, and negotiating in the general real estate market to buy houses. The information contained below should be used as a guide on what we simply think are best practices. We do not claim to offer education, training, or additional resources that will guarantee your success.